High Wycombe

Town Twinning


Visits between girls from High Wycombe and Kelkheim

Wycombe Youth Action is a charity organisation in High Wycombe started working with Kelkheim in November 2016.

In May 2017, a get-together and preparation meeting took place in High Wycombe

The project was financed by Erasmus+ and the city of Kelkheim

The girls' project is themed "Empowerment of young women in Europe - empowering young women in Europe"

The visit was of a group of ten girls between the ages of 14-19 from High Wycombe and two carers visited Kelkheim for a week in 2017.

In October 2018 a group of girls from Kelkheim stayed in High Wycombe for a week re-establishing their relationships with the girls from WYA and continuing their joint project.


The next event will be a visit by a group from Kelkheim in September.


The girls involved in the project with the Mayor of High Wycombe and the Chairman of WDC